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No matter if you are optimizing websites for customers or for yourself - choosing the right SEO Software can be a hard decision. For newcomers to search engine optimization its, due to the lack of basic knowledge) not easy to make that decision. Because one thing is for sure - a professional SEO tool makes the job immensely easier and also helps to better understand the basic rules.

What SEO Software is available? - An overview

There are a lot of providers in this area, all of which have strengths and weaknesses. If you want to get an overview, you can find a selection of the best SEO tool providers with tests and step-by-step instructions for the optimization of your website.

All these tools offer a functionally or temporally limited free trial version of their product.

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RYTE - The allrounder for beginners and professionals

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Xovi - SEO Software with maximum functionality

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SEO PROFILER - The price-performance winner

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What is a SEO Tool food for?

Search engine optimization has become a complex matter in recent years. SEO tools give you the opportunity to quickly check your website (and that of your competitors as well) for errors, to improve it through optimization and to increase keyword rankings in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Furthermore you can attract more visitors to your website.

SEO software also gives you the opportunity to see the results of your optimization at a glance and to monitor high-ranking keywords (and their changes) on a permanent basis using monitoring.

SEO beginners benefit from the know-how of these tools, which make it easy to get an insight into the implementation of an on-page optimization, which is the first step in the search engine optimization process. Furthermore, in a professional SEO software good sources for backlinks are shown that would otherwise have to be found out only by long research. Since most SEO tools are now run in the form of online services (Saas - Software as a Service), they are also constantly and easily provided with an update when the algorithm of a search engine changes (as Google does on a regular basis). This keeps both users and results up-to-date, making rapid changes possible for more success.

Big agencies use SEO tools to optimize their customers pages and for professional marketing. They also provide their customers reports showing the success of their search engine optimization. The more professional the SEO tool, the easier it is to create these reports for the customers and to clearly and easily prove the successes of their work.


The number of free SEO tools is now hardly manageable. These usually only cover a subset of search engine optimization (eg technical SEO or on-page optimization) and, compared to the overall solutions tested here, do not offer any holistic results and often only have limited functionality.

Nevertheless, it can also be used to achieve visible improvements in the rankings. In professional use for customers and companies, however, a paid product including reporting has become almost a mandatory requirement.

Beginners, Small Web Projects & ONE-PAGER

Every reputable provider of SEO Tools offers a free version of their product. These are limited either in time or in their functionality. Depending on the size and requirement of the respective project, these solutions may already be sufficient for professional optimization. You either have to bring along a lot of time or renounce to certain functions like daily keyword rankings. Those who have no problems with these restrictions will already achieve good to very good solutions with the solutions available free of charge.

RYTE offers a time-unlimited version that is limited in functionality while XOVI and SEO PROFILER offer a functionally unrestricted version, which, however, is limited to 14 to 30 days.

SEO-Professionals, Affiliates, Agencies & Companies

Professionals, agencies as well as companies that want to achieve sales should for reasons of efficiency choose the paid versions of SEO Tools or should switch to a paid version after expiration of the trial period.

It is important to recoup the costs of the SEO software as quickly as possible and, based on this, also to generate profit.

With up to 10 projects, SEO PROFILER is the price-performance winner in the test, while XOVI offers the largest functional scope.

What to look for when choosing an SEO tool?

Analyzing and optimizing a website for search engines like Google or Bing is an ongoing process that you can not do with a one-time optimization. A one-time optimization will certainly boost your results, but if your goal is to get the highest ranking in search engine results, it's important to keep the website up-to-date - because the competition will not sleep. If search engine optimization is part of your marketing and you want to get a good ranking for hotly-contested keywords, ongoing optimization is inevitable anyway.


All tested SEO tools offer a free trial of their product, giving customers an accurate picture of what it's all about and what it can do. Beginners in particular are advised to use this offer, as some tools offer very good tutorials and can be used to achieve initial, quick successes in the optimization process that further motivates. AAll the SEO tools mentioned on this page offer these tutorials as texts or videos.


Usually the scope of services of the tested SEO Tools vary depending on the price. If you want to optimize multiple projects and want to charge your customers, it can also be a more expensive tool with higher performance and functionality like RYTE or SEO PROFILER. Professionals and agencies will use RYTE or XOVI despite higher prices because these tools offer the highest level of performance and are also designed to output professional customer reports.

Personal preferences

All tested SEO tools have different user interfaces and functionalities. Here's the rule - everything that works is good. Maybe RYTE and XOVI are more powerful than other tools, but if a smaller tool works for you and delivers good rankings, this one is for you!

There are so many SEO Tools - why are only three mentioned here?

The number of SEO solutions on the market is hardly manageable and no one will be able to test over 100 solutions themselves or to read through so many reviews.

We want to provide concrete assistance in the selection of professional and established software products and have therefore focused on the best solutions for the respective field of application.

Each of the tested solutions provides a total package for onpage and offpage optimization of a website and leads to a professional result. Paying for a paid product may increase the functionality or number of projects.