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RYTE Test & Guide (2021)

More traffic with the SEO tool test winner

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Ryte Test & Anleitung 2021
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RYTE - Video Overview

In the following video we will briefly introduce you to the most important functions of RYTE.

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Ryte Test Video

You want to join the individual steps of an optimization?

The step-by-step guide can be found here.

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For beginners and small websites

Even in the free unlimited version, Ryte offers all the features that newcomers and small website operators need. No other provider offers a comparable free service package here.

Right at the beginning you get a complete and professional onpage check of your website, which you can use to make all the optimizations to start with good results. All tools for content creation are also included and can be used to a limited extent - i.e. you get 10 Content Editor reports per month.

The free version only offers one crawl per month - if you're in no hurry to check if the optimization you've done is okay, that's fine. Keyword rankings and monitoring are not included, but can be booked separately if needed. The integration of Google Search Console is only available in the paid packages. You can perform up to 5 single page analyzes per month - depending on the size of the website, this may be enough for operators of small sites.


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Features in free version:

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For SEO professionals, agencies & companies

The paid version of RYTE unleashes its full potential.

In addition to extensive monitoring get a professional SEO tool that covers all aspects of onpage optimization, success tracking as well as content creation tools. Even the smallest paid package already includes 3 projects with unlimited analyzes. With growing demand for projects, the packages can be gradually adjusted.


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Ryte Test

Ryte is a reliable SEO tool, suitable for all user groups from beginners to agency level. For a fair price, a comprehensive product package is offered, which enables quick success and good rankings.

++ Benefits ++

  • No installation necessary (Saas - Software as a service)
  • Full time free account (RYTE FREE) for 1 project with up to 100 URLs
  • Free 30-day trial for RYTE PRO account at full functionality (that can be activated within the FREE Account)
  • One free website crawl per month in the free version (unlimited in paid versions)
  • Free Websitecheck with the Website-Checker
  • Extensive learning materials, videos and wikis for beginners
  • Free tools (Ryte opic Explorer, Website-Checker, robots.txt-Generator, Google Snippet Optimizer)
  • Content Tool to create search engine optimized texts
  • Fair prices for all user groups from beginners to enterprise
  • Telephone and mail support with paid products
  • Weekly keyword ranking update
  • Depending on the package, cancellable monthly or annually - no additional or hidden costs

++ Disadvantages ++

  • No disadvantages
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Ryte pricing

RYTE costs from EUR 99.90 per month excl. VAT in its cheapest variant for SMBs. There are also tariff packages for agencies and enterprise, prices are calculated individually here.

To test whether RYTE is suitable for you, there is a free and unlimited test account (RYTE FREE), for which you do not need to obtain an offer.

See Price List >>Ryte Pricing

Free Website-check

A new tool from RYTE offers the possibility to quick check your website:

free Website-Check >>

By entering the URL of the page to be tested you get a quick overview of possible optimizations.

RYTE Website Checker

After entering the URL, you will be shown an overview page with the analysis results for the corresponding page.

The Website Checker provides a first overview of the status of the web project. Since this is only superficial, for further optimization either a free FREE account or a chargeable PRO account is recommended.

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Free Account Registration

If you want to take the steps, here is the link to register the free account:

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The first step is to enter the domain to be optimized. After a short query on the categorization of the website, you will be asked to enter some basic data.

RegistrierungSEO Tool RyteKostenlose Testversion

After logging in, the dashboard will be displayed, providing a clear overview for website optimization. Furthermore, the free version of Ryte is used to keep the optimization steps transparent for all user groups.



When using the free version, you should start a crawl (analysis of the website) after implementing your first optimizations i.e. by using the TF*IDF tool, as you only have one crawl per month in this version and have to wait another month for the new crawl to review the effects of your changes.

Content Success Tool

Before you start the crawl you can switch to the Content Success tool to write or optimize your texts. There, in the first step, you enter the desired keyword to be optimized for, as well as the geographic market (USA, UK, Australia, etc).

Content Success Tool

Content Success Analysis

"Get keyword recommendations," will launch a TF*IDF analysis, displaying the most important keywords for your input, that should be included in your web page text, both thematically and with keywords.

You have 5 free TF*IDF reports per month included in the RYTE FREE Account.

In the example we search for these terms for the keyword "air cleaner". Below are the results.

Kostenlose WDF*IDF AnalyseWDF*IDF Ergebnis

Content Editor

By clicking "GO TO OPTIMIZE" the CONTENT EDITOR starts.

To check your website texts for completeness, simply copy your website text into the left text box. Then you define the keyword, country, region and language to which the text should be optimized.

Clicking on "GET KEYWORD RECOMMENDATIONS"  will display suggestions for keywords in the right box or will show which keywords have been used too often and therefore should be taken out of the text.

The right box displays the keywords that should be added, removed, or used more often.

Content Editor Proposals

With the CONTENT SUCCESS tool, you work your way up to the optimal content step by step and are ready to put your website to the test.

Website Success Tool

After your text optimization is done, its time to switch to the WEBSITE SUCCESS Tool. There you start a website crawl (the analysis of the site for errors and optimization potential). As mentioned earlier, if possible, the crawl should be started as the last tool, as the free version only includes one crawl per month. By working through the other tools many errors have already been corrected and you can concentrate on the remaining errors and technical improvements.

Website Success Tool

In the overview of the results you can see your current state of optimization. By clicking on one of the three items "STRUCTURE OPTIMIZATION", "CONTENT OPTIMIZATION" and "TECHNICAL OPTIMIZATION", the tool automatically scrolls to the corresponding location of the underlying error control list and shows any errors. By clicking on one of the errors, a detail page is opened, which deals more specifically with the problem. These errors should be corrected. With the left navigation bar you can now go through the individual items and correct all errors until the optimum is reached.

Detail Fehlerseite

Single page analysis

If you do not know exactly if you've done your optimizations right and you do not want to wait a month for the free version to start the next crawl, you can start a single page analysis with the tool "SINGLE PAGE ANALYSIS" at the top the WEBSITE SUCCESS results to examine individual pages for errors and optimization potential (in the free version, the analysis of 5 pages per month is included). If you want to check more, you should switch to the paid version.

Single Page Analysis

After entering the URL to be optimized, the tool starts the analysis and generates a detailed report.

Single Page Results

The report is roughly subdivided into ERRORS, WARNINGS, and INFO that should be cleaned up. After completing all the points, the basic optimization of the page is completed.

Paid Version

The paid version of RYTE includes unlimited crawls and all tools mentioned above including ongoing monitoring of your keywords and your server status (tool to control failures and timeouts of the website) as well as the possibility of linking RYTE with Google Webmaster Tools (Google Search Console ) to analyze the performance of impressions, clicks and rankings.

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