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SEOBILITY Test & Guide (2021)

The most affordable full-featured SEO tool

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Seobility Test & Anleitung 2021
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Seobility Seo Tool

Seobility Test (2021)

Last update: 18.05.2021
Author: Mag. Tibor Gludovatz
Price: from 50.00 USD / month
Rating: 5.0

Table of Content

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Seobility - Video overview

In the following video we briefly present the most important functions of SEOBILITY in an overview.

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Seobility Test Video

You want to follow the individual steps of an optimization?

You can find the step-by-step instructions here.

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For beginners and small websites

SEOBILITY offers a time-unlimited, free Basic Account including all functions that beginners and operators of single sites need. With the Basic Account you can manage 1 website project.

You get a complete and professional onpage review of your website, which is a great foundation for following optimizations.

The advantage over other SEO tools like Ryte is that you can perform one crawl per day within this free basic account. So you can check your improvements faster, because you don't have to wait up to 1 month for the next crawl.

SEOBILITY is also generous when it comes to free tools: from SEO Checker and Keyword Checker to Ranking Checker and the TF*IDF tool - even if some of the tools only allow up to 3 queries per day, in other products these features are only available in the paid variant.

Up to 10 desktop search keywords can be monitored - for small sites this can often be sufficient.


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Features in free version:

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Part score:

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For SEO professionals, agencies & companies

With an agency account you can host up to 15 projects, with is a lot of value and performance for your money.

Neben umfangreichem Monitoring bekommt ein professionelles SEO-Tool, das alle Aspekte der Onpage-Optimierung abdeckt. Schon im kleinsten bezahlten Paket sind bereits 3 Projekte mit unbegrenzten Analysen inkludiert. Mit wachsendem Bedarf an Projekten lassen sich die Pakete schrittweise anpassen.

Besides extensive monitoring, you get a professional SEO tool that covers all aspects of technical onpage optimization. Even the smallest paid package already includes 3 projects with unlimited crawls. As the need for projects grows, the packages can be adjusted step by step.


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Part score:

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Rating: Seobility


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Seobility Test

SEOBILITY is the cheapest SEO tool in the test with full functionality and good usability.

++ Advantages ++

++ Disadvantages ++

  • Optical impression does not come close to competing SEO tools
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What does Seobility cost? The prices

Besides the free and unlimited basic account, the smallest package is available for 50.00 USD / month. If you pay annually, you save 20% on the package.

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Monthly prices

Seobility pricing monthly payment

Annual Pricing

Annual payment in advance will bring you a savings of 20% on each paid package.

Seobility pricing annual paymentSee Pricing list >>
Seobility SEO Tool

Free quick check with the SEO CHECKer

SEO CHECKER offers a quick check of your own website:

SEO-Checker >>

Enter the URL of the page to be tested and get a quick overview of possible optimizations.

SEO CHECK by Seobility

After entering the URL, an overview page with the analysis results is displayed for the corresponding page.

The SEO CHECKER offers a first overview of the status of the web project. Even though very detailed results are already displayed here, either a free Basic account or a paid PREMIUM account is required for professional optimization.

SEO Check Result

Free registration

For those who want to follow along with the steps, here is the link to register for the free Basic account:

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As a first step, you will be asked to define your account and login credentials.


You will then receive an e-mail with a verification code. Enter this code in the appropriate field to confirm your e-mail address.

Verification e-mail address

In the last step, you will be prompted to create a project in the dashboard.

Create project

After clicking Add Project, you can create a new project with the appropriate settings.

Create new project

By clicking on Add project and start crawling SEOBILITY starts the analysis of your website.

Project overview

All the results of the website analysis are now displayed in the project overview. In the Onpage, Backlinks and Rankings tabs, the completed tests and open problems are listed. As can be seen here in the Onpage tab, only 44% of a possible 100% of optimizations have been implemented. So there is still a lot of optimization potential here.

Project overview

Onpage Results

The Onpage results page is divided into the sections Technology & Meta, Structure and Content.

Any errors are divided into serious errors (marked red), medium errors (marked yellow) and hints (marked blue).

These errors should now be corrected one by one.

Technology & Meta

Onpage result page technology & meta

Clicking on one of the entries opens another page that shows exact detailed information about the problem at hand.

Detail result page

When all errors in the areas of technology & meta, structure and content are corrected, the technical onpage optimization is complete and should be rewarded with a ranking improvement.

Here we show you the structure and content areas.


Onpage analysis structure


Onpage analysis content

Single PAge Analysis

In the Technology & Meta section in the Onpage tab, there is an option to examine individual pages using the Analyze specific page search box.

Single page analysis

After you have made all the improvements, you can start a new crawl (or analysis) of the website on the Project Overview page under Project Functions.

In the free basic account only one new analysis can be performed per day, in the paid accounts the analysis is started immediately.

Paid Version

SEOBILITY is the price winner of the SEO Tools test, because it offers not only the best price-performance ratio in the free basic version, but also in the paid packages, but even the most favorable price.

SEOBILITY only has restrictions in the appearance, in terms of functionality it is in no way inferior to the other SEO tools and can therefore be used without hesitation from beginners to agencies.

Even if the free basic account already covers a lot, professional work (where you are charged by the hour or effort) is reserved for paid accounts.

Single page operators who only want to optimize their own website should definitely try SEOBILITY in the free version (or the 30 day trial version of the premium accounts).

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Mag. Tibor Gludovatz

Autor: Mag. Tibor Gludovatz
Last Update: 18.05.2021

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